Apollo Textile Mills Ltd, is one of the leading, renowned and recognized Textile Mills in creating, developing and manufacturing of yarn products right from basic to variety of high quality yarn thus responding to emerging trends in the spinning industry and exporting yarn to International market to the manufacturers of value-added finished products.

We are ever-growing company with OHSAS 18001, ISO 14000, ISO 9000 and USTER CERTIFIED Company, comprises of 2 spinning units. Our units run on self-generated Power Plant with an installed capacity of 11 M.W Gas based power plant, imported from renowned company M/S Caterpillar USA. The primary objective of establishing this plant is to be self-sufficient in electricity that ensures cost effective and consistent source of energy for smooth production operations...
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We are the only spinning mills in Pakistan that have been certified by the three recognized International Standards. The quality certifications are a proof of success for Apollo Textile Mills Ltd where quality is emphasized at all levels and superior quality yarns are produced and make it our strength.

APOLLO TEXTILE MILLS LTD  has been awarded with the USTERIZED® CERTIFICATION and ranked as the 6th USTERIZED® Textile Mill in Pakistan and 32nd USTERIZED® Textile Mills in the world... more>>

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